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All-Terrain Pinpointer Waterproof up to 20 Feet. 9" Long, Has a Frequency of 11.5kHz. Includes Garrett Belt Holster, Lanyard Attachment Loop and 2 Year Warranty.

 When you are searching for treasure, don’t waste time aimlessly digging for your find. 

With the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT, you will be able to pinpoint your treasure before you start digging. 

The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer is completely submersible (up to 20 feet), and features one-button power operation, retune sensitivity adjustment, silent vibration mode, automatic power-off feature, and a lost pinpointer alarm, ensuring you can easily locate your pinpointer if it is misplaced. 

The Pro-Pointer AT is only 9” in length and includes a Garrett belt holster, lanyard attachment, and a 2-year warranty. 

Save time, and find more treasure with the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer.



 Operating Frequency : 11.5kHz·         Weight with Battery In : 6.5 oz (0.2 kg)·         Indicators : Proportional Audio / Vibration Pulse Rate·         Waterproof Rating : 20 Foot Maximum Depth; IP 68·         Lanyard Loop : Lanyard Attachment Loop Molded into Side of Pinpointer·         Single-Button Operation : for Power, Retune, Sensitivity Adjustment and Stealth Mode (vibration only)·         Lost Pro-Pointer Alarm : After 5 Minutes with No Button Presses, the Pinpointer Emits Periodic Warning Chirps·         Fast Retune : Quick Button-Press Instantly Tunes out Environment. Narrows Detection Field for Precise Pinpointing of Larger TargetsFactory Included in box:·         Garrett AT PRO Pointer·         Manual·         Woven Belt Holster·         


SKU: 1140900
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